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Hair Transplantation with Strip Harvesting

Strip harvesting is the most popular and efficient technique for obtaining the donor hair used in a hair transplant procedure. Accomplished by first anesthetizing the scalp, a scalpel is then used to remove strips of hair-bearing tissue from the donor site.

Once the strip is excised, the surgeon dissects the strip into micrografts (1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs) and discards the tissue. Next, the surgeon strategically places tiny holes, known as recipient sites, in the scalp.The micrografts are then carefully placed into the recipient sites and the donor area incision is closed with sutures. Once placement of the micrograft is complete, the position of each graft is double-checked. Upon completion of the hair transplant procedure, we will explain to you your post-op instructions .

Strip Harvesting Hair Transplant Recovery

Although a bandage will be placed on the donor area of your scalp, bandages are not required for the transplanted area. Some discomfort in the donor area is expected but is temporary and can be controlled with medication. Because the linear incision of strip harvesting takes weeks, and sometimes months, to regain its full strength, you may have to refrain from contact sports or other strenuous activities until you have fully healed. After approximately ten weeks, your newly transplanted hair will begin to grow and within six months your hair will be long enough to groom. Your hair should be fully grown within one year.

Although strip harvesting is the most efficient extraction technique currently known, it can produce a visible, linear scar on the donor site. If you are prone to extreme scarring or plan on wearing very short hair, strip harvesting may not be for you. If this is the case, you might want to consider New Hair Graft.


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