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Hair Transplants in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hair Transplant Procedure : What to Expect

Below is a step by step description of what you should expect while undergoing a New Hair Graft hair transplantation. This cutting edge procedure is usually completed within one to two sessions where patients are given a local anesthesia . Most patients are pleasantly surprised with what little discomfort they experience.

Hair Transplant Surgery Chattanooga, TN

The recipient area is prepared for hair transplant.

After local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area, the area is now ready for the hair grafts. No trimming or shaving of hair is necessary.

New Hair Graft Chattanooga, TN

Incisions are made in the recipient areas.

In irregular patterns intended to mimic natural hair growth,tiny incisions measuring .75mm to 1.3mm are applied to the recipient areas with specially designed MINDE blades . These state of the art blades allow the hair transplant surgeon to place the sites closer than ever before. It also allows the hair transplant surgeon to work in between existing hair, so the hair loss patient doesn't have to wait for complete baldness to prevail before the hair restoration process begins.

Hair Transplantation Chattanooga, TN

Follicular Unit Grafts are placed into the incisions.

Finally, the follicular unit grafts are placed into the recipient incisions. For a natural effect, the smallest grafts (consisting of one and two hair grafts) are placed in the very front of the hairline, with three and four hair grafts being placed behind them.The experienced technicians carefully follow the surgeon's recipient site pattern, paying close attention to the depth and angles of each site. Prior to the procedure the surgeon and his team discuss the individualized plan for the patient. During the insertion of the grafts the surgeon is supervising the process and adding additional sites to increase the density behind the hair line,maximizing the natural effect.

Hair Graft Chattanooga, Tennessee

Patient 3 days after a hair transplant.

When all the grafts have been inserted, Dr. White performs a final check and the technicians carefully clean the area to minimize post-op scabbing.After hair transplant surgery, a patient will have hundreds of tiny incisions with short hair stubble showing from the new grafts. The redness and scabbing should subside within one week.

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