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Hair Transplants in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hair Transplant Procedure : What to Expect

Below is a step by step description of what you should expect while undergoing a New Hair Graft hair transplantation. This cutting edge procedure is usually completed within one to two sessions where patients are given a local anesthesia . Most hair replacement patients are pleasantly surprised with what little discomfort they experience.

Hair Transplants Chattanooga, TN

Patients are prepared for an FUE hair transplant.

Essentially, a follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure involves the removal and relocation of healthy hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas. Patients need to be mentally prepared for this surgical procedure.

Hair Loss treatment Chattanooga, TN

Donor area is trimmed for follicular unit extraction.

Before begining the hair restoration surgery and surgically removing the donor hair, the donor hair is trimmed.

Neo Graft Chattanooga, Tennessee

Donor area is prepared for the hair transplant surgery.

Once the donor hair has been trimmed, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area.

NeoHair Graft Chattanooga, TN

Donor tissue is removed for hair transplantation.

A 1cm wide strip of donor hair is removed from the Safe Donor area, this thin strip of hair contains Follicular Units which will last an entire lifetime. The donor area is sutured in an advanced manner which allows hair follicles to grow through the thin scar. This technique has enhanced and improved an already effective Follicular Unit procedure.

Hair Loss Treatments in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Donor tissue is trimmed into follicular unit grafts.

The skilled ,surgical technicians use magnification to view and then dissect the follicular units (naturally occurring 1-4 haired groups) from the donor tissue.

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Hair Transplants Chattanooga, Tennessee

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