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We have been looking closely at our quotes in regard to hair transplantation. Over the last few years we have priced our hair transplant procedures on price per graft like many of the larger hair transplant centers. After discussion with other hair transplant surgeons; we have decided to base our hair transplant procedures based on the case and NOT on per graft prices. What does that mean for you?

What is the difference? In the original technique, hair follicles would be harvested with some hair bulbs with 3-4 hairs. In order to get the graft numbers up, the technicians would cut the hair follicle into 3-4 bulb components. This would help with the overall numbers of hairs transplanted; but not necessary to help the patient. This technique takes too much technician time. Keeps the hair follicular unit out of the body-just for numbers.

New studies have shown that keeping the follicular unit intact with immediate transplantation will increase the survivability of the transplanted hair.

We have made a decision as a practice to offer strip harvest hair transplantation at a set base cost per session based on hair restoration need and not numbers. A short strip will be made according to the hair restoration need. This strip will be reviewed under microscope to cut the hair follicular units for the best survival rate and not for overall numbers. Procedure time will decrease and these saving will be passed onto our patients.

Basic strip hair transplantation prices are as follows:

1] Small Case, Strip Harvest $4,800

2] Medium Case, Strip Harvest $5,800

3] Large Case, Strip Harvest $6,800 Pricing includes pre-op and post op visits, medications, facility fees and physician fees.

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